Now that climate change is starting to show its real face, and scientists face yet another serious model underestimation of what is going on up there, and citizens are noticing how badly they are able to cope with increasingly intense and frequent heat, more voices are calling for an immediate emergency fossil fuel phase-out (and not in three years' time).

No, not the German Greens. They still want to build cars, tanks and U-boats in close high-quality steel cooperation with Sweden just like their grandparents did until 1944 in WW2. No, neither does Macron, because "France has entered a war economy," he said on June 13 at the arms industry trade show in Paris.
But Sri Lanka is setting a good example by allowing civil servants to grow their own food one day a week, and making land available to them. Isn't that the right way to go, when carrying on is deadly?

Stop the machines, drop the guns, land the planes and strand the oil tankers. Sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is. High-tech dying OR low-tech living, those are the options.