Zie voor een inkijkje in de mogelijke trajectoren van optie (b) bijvoorbeeld het artikel van Gaia Vince. Daarin beredeneert hij volksverhuizingen op de volgende schaal:

"It would mean abandoning huge tracts of the globe and moving Earth’s human population to the high latitudes: Canada, Siberia, Scandinavia, parts of Greenland, Patagonia, Tasmania, New Zealand and perhaps newly ice-free parts of the western Antarctic coast. If we allow 20 sq m of space per person – more than double the minimum habitable space allowed per person under English planning regulations – 11 billion people would need 220,000 sq km of land to live on. The area of Canada alone is 9.9m sq km and, combined with all the other high-latitude areas, such as Alaska, Britain, Russia and Scandinavia, there should be plenty of room for everyone".,

Vince G., The heat is on over the climate crisis. Only radical measures will work, The Guardian, May 19, 2019